Proving a Language is not Regular using the Pumping Lemma – String Choices

Consider the following language definition

    \begin{equation*} L = \{w \in \{0, 1, 2\}^* : w \text{ contains equal number of $01$ and $10$ substrings}\} \end{equation*}

This language is not regular. Applying the pumping lemma to prove that this language is not regular is not straightforward. This is because every string in L can be pumped if it has length at least p.

Pump-able Strings

Pick any string s \in L with |s| \geq p. According the pumping lemma s can be written as xyz and xy^iz \in L for all i \geq 0.

Look at short prefixes of s – the symbols that lie at the start of the string. For each of these prefixes, a possible split of s into xyz is given below.

2\epsilon2rest of the string
00\epsilon00 + rest of the string
010\epsilon010 + rest of the string
011011 + rest of the string
012\epsilon012 + rest of the string
100100 + rest of the string
101\epsilon101 + rest of the string
102\epsilon102 + rest of the string
11\epsilon11 + rest of the string

All possible prefixes have been taken into account. For all these case, pumping up y will add equal number of 01 and 10 substrings. Thus, the string remains in the language.

Closure under Intersection

Suppose to the contrary L is regular. Then L' = L \cap (012 \cup 102)^* is regular by closure under intersection. If L' is proved to be not regular then the assumption that L is regular is wrong. Thus, the problem is reduced to proving that L' is not regular.

Using the Pumping Lemma on L'

Note that the length of every string in L' is a multiple of 3.

Let p be the pumping length for L' . Choose s = (012)^p(102)^p.

Then s \in L' (it has p occurrences of 01 and p occurrences of 10) and |s| = 6p \geq p, so the pumping lemma applies.

Consider all ways to write s = xyz with |xy| \leq p and |y| > 0. Because xy is a prefix of s, it is a prefix of (012)^p. Thus, y is a nonempty substring of (012)^p .

Write |y| = a and observe that a \geq 1.

Case 1

a is not a multiple of 3.

Then |xy^2 z| = 6p + a. Because 6p + a is not a multiple of 3, xy^2 z cannot belong to L', which is a contradiction.

Case 2

a is a multiple of 3.

Say a = 3b with b \geq 1. Then y is one of (012)^b , 2(012)^{b-1}01, or 12(012)^{b-1}0. For each, xy^2 z has p + b occurrences of 01 and p occurrences of 10, so is not in L' , a contradiction.

For each case, upon pumping the string goes out of the language. Thus L' is not regular. This implies that L is not regular.

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